ITIQ Medical IT Services for the healthcare industry has a credited history of providing a full-range of IT services to our clients. Clients range from individual doctor’s offices to multi-location clinics.

ITIQ provides HIPAA-compliant healthcare information technology solutions including on-site staff augmentation, trouble ticket processing, 24×7 Help Desk services, server and application support, professional services (projects and IT architecture), hosted communication services (email and voice), remote and collocated infrastructure, and disaster recovery platforms.

Medical IT Support

We understand your practice, and we understand the urgency in resolving issues in a timely manner. Everything we do at ITIQ focuses on providing the best, most efficient support to our clients.

HIPAA Security

Focusing on the medical industry puts HIPAA in the forefront for ITIQ.  We make sure all of our client networks are secure and meet HIPAA standards for meaningful use, offering a comprehensive IT Assessment, including reporting, a comprehensive review, and policies and procedures.

Remote Support

When you need Medical IT support, it is important that you can get a hold of someone immediately. A life-preserver icon is located on every computer and device to provide our clients with a way to quickly contact us without having to pick up the phone.

Provide your patients with the highest level of care and support possible

We know that no two industries’ needs are alike; you need unique, strategic solutions designed to help you thrive. In the healthcare field, it’s all about patient care. We provide solutions that allow you to streamline tasks, relieve the burden of management, and focus all of your attention on properly caring for patients. With services and solutions designed to meet your needs, you have peace of mind knowing that your practice is always functioning at its best.

Don’t settle for generic services that don’t really cover your needs; we sit down to discuss your goals, concerns, and the biggest obstacles that our technology will help you overcome. With ITIQ, you gain a reliable IT partner that truly values your practice.


Secure access to critical information from any device
Improve performance and security of EHR platforms
Decrease exposure to HIPAA violations
Increase performance
Rapid scalability for back-ups and data storage
Real-time United States based 24x7 support
Access to skilled IT staff when required
Move to a fixed budget for IT services